How Can Your DEI Program Make a Real Difference?

Stillness — the surprising relevance of the Six Degrees of Executive Presence to your Diversity program

Joe Kwon
3 min readApr 22, 2021


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What it Means

Stillness. This is a state of freedom from storm or disturbance.

You only move when it is time to move — no earlier and no later. Your lack of extraneous movement allows you to see things that others miss.

When a lot of activity is going on, seemingly all at once, people look to leadership that will not get lost in thoughtless activity.

Things to Consider

For DEI programs, what time do you spend not doing, but simply reflecting, appreciating, or resting? The enemy of creativity is tension and you can’t relax when you constantly on the go. Sure, there is a lot to do, but when you are running non-stop all the time, are you really at your most effective?

It’s like the difference between driving on a roadtrip straight through without breaks vs. plannng milestones, downtime, and of course, snack and bathroom breaks!

When you learn to be still, it also gives you the opportunity to notice and seize the opportunity by springing into action as soon as it is available. If you are constantly running full out and the landscape is a blur, you may not notice the beautiful things that are right in front of you.

Your Turn

In the comments, please share your ideas about what DEI programs can do to have more stillness. You don’t need to be an underrepresented professional, a Diversity Professional, or any sort of expert to weigh in. You just need to understand what it means to have stillness and have a perspective on the current and future state of diversity in your organization and society.

In Action

For a fun, rather extreme example of stillness, check out how Westley is fine with his literal stillness and still manages to contribute to the problem at hand with little more than a finger wiggle.

You just shook your head! That doesn’t make you happy?

Next week, we’ll explore Engaged.

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